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The LIFE FRONT project aims to remove “barriers posed by standards” for flammable refrigerants in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) applications. It strives to improve system design to address flammability risk and encourage thereby wider uptake of climate-friendly alternatives to fluorinated gases.

LIFE FRONT project objectives

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Support the EU and international standardisation process for flammable refrigerants


Reduce safety risks from improved system design for air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump applications using flammable refrigerants


Engage in technology capacity-building for EU equipment manufacturers


Remove non-technological knowledge barriers across relevant European groups


Improve Europe’s competitiveness for RACHP equipment using non-fluorinated refrigerant alternatives


Support an effective and timely achievement of the EU 2030 climate targets

tCO2eq avoided by 2023
tHFC avoided by 2023
+ 0 %
Hydrocarbons market penetration for heat pumps and plug-in commercial refrigeration by 2023
+ 0 %
Hydrocarbons market penetration for split air conditioning and remote commercial refrigeration units by 2023
About the Life Front
About the Life Front

LIFE FRONT aims to remove barriers to wider uptake of flammable refrigerants in RACHP applications.

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Get involved

Join the Standards Action Group and participate in the development of draft requirements for EU standards on flammable refrigerants


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